Parking Sensors





What are parking sensors?


A parking sensors is an electronic parking aid that adopts an ultrasonic wave to measure the distance between your car and any obstacle, weather you have front or rear parking sensors fitted to your vehicle. When an obstacle is detected a warning signal is emmitted from a speaker/buzzer, the frequency increases as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle, when the vehicle is around 30-40cms from the obstacle the speaker/buzzer will emitt a constant tone to warn you to stop.






Why would I need parking sensors?


We all have insurance, but we also have that annoying 'Excess' which can be £200-£300 or more, and any claims made could effect any no claims bonus, or renewal fees.

Parking sensors also give confidence in parking in tight/awkward spaces, at night or if you have neck/back problems.



If you require anymore information or would like to make a booking then please call/text 07976276021 or use our contact form.





We only use parking sensors from reputable manufacturers such as Cobra and Steelmate, not cheap Chinese imports, we colour code our sensor to the exact colour of your vehicle, not mismatched generic colours.


Here are some of the vehicles that we have installed sensors on.

Click the image to enlarge.

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